Home Health Care at PruittHealth includes recovery care, rehab care, and chronic health issue management

Healing at Home

PruittHealth @ Home allows patients to return home and continue to heal with nurses, therapists, and support teams monitoring their well-being. We bring expert care right to you in the comfort of your home, helping you heal as comfortably as possible. 
Recover from surgery or illness at home with PruittHealth.  Including in-home visits therapies, and treatments.

Home Health

For many patients, healing at home is an ideal option. It is a place of comfort and familiarity. With PruittHealth @ Home, patients can recover from illness, injury, or surgery with a team of expert nurses and support staff to monitor and help every step of the way. Our home health teams plan regular in-home visits and use advanced connection technologies to ensure comprehensive monitoring and consistent treatments and therapies to maintain optimal health and wellness. Care typically falls into three categories – Recovery Care, Rehabilitative Care, and Chronic Issue Management.


Post-surgical care | Wound care | IV care



Physical therapy | Occupational therapy | Stroke rehab



Pain management | Fitness therapy | Wellness coaching | Social services


SPECIALIZED CARE SERVICEs (Available in some markets)

Respiratory therapy | Dietary and nutritional consulting | Specialized rehab/conditioning | Expanded wound care services | Infusion therapy | Virtual visits


Recover from surgery or illness at home with PruittHealth.  Including in-home visits therapies, and treatments.

Home Health Candidates

Many patients who benefit from skilled nursing care can choose home health care as a more convenient alternative. Our medical experts provide a wide range of care, including nursing services, physical therapy, speech therapy, IV care, and social services. Our teams leverage advanced digital medical records to track progress and treatments in real time, to ensure patients get the attention they need between in-home visits, and to provide comprehensive education for both patients and their families so everyone contributes to the tailored home health treatment plan. 

Home health care can be a great option for patients recovering from illness, injury or surgery, or for patients who need medical assistance in managing chronic health issues or need other rehabilitative services. A physician’s order for an assessment and admission is required for home health care services, and our nurses can come to a patient’s home or assisted living center to perform the assessment.

Our service includes individualized care plans, diagnosis and  clinical pathways and Point-of-care technology and therapies.

Our Services

Many of the services patients receive in a skilled nursing center can be delivered via home health. 



Development of individualized care plans | Diagnosis and discipline-specific clinical pathways | Point-of-care technology and therapies, including ultrasound, electronic stimulation, balance training, fall prevention, skilled nursing services, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, medical social work, IV therapy, certified nursing assistance


SPECIALIZED SERVICES (Available in some markets):

Respiratory therapy | Dietary and nutritional consulting | Specialized rehab/conditioning using in-home equipment | Expanded wound care services | Virtual visits

Find the Care You Need

We deliver expert health services on site or in home. With locations across Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas, we’re never far when you need care. Learn more about our care options.

PruittHealth offers affordable home health care in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina.

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